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Call Of Duty 1 Game Free Download Full VersionCOD Call of duty 1 is a free shooting installment and there is the complete dealing with the bumps and guns. We have changed our structure to write the article on this website because many of the users faced enough problems while downloading the file from this website so, we have changed it as a help for our users. We are gonna provide the page named as “how to download a file from this website?” where you can let know that how to download any file from this website whatever it’s the torrent or IDM direct link file. We will provide the complete series of Call of duty.

It’s damn awesome and I’m really impressed by this product actually from the complete series. We have already posted it on our other sites and we have got the good response from the other end too. Many of the users gave the positive reviews about it while few of them were facing the issues while installing actually, those person are just found of PC Games while they don’t have any other idea that how to install it properly so, if you are a beginner and have no idea that how to install it, then you can contact to me. I have provided my Facebook profile at the header bar. We have provided Bloody roar 2 game free download.

Screenshots Of Call Of Duty 1 PC Game

COD 1 Game Free Download For Windows 7 32 bit

Call Of Duty 1 Setup Game Free Download For Windows 8.1 64 bit

Call Of Duty 1 Game Free Download For PC

Call Of Duty 1 Game Free Download For Windows 10 32 bit

Call Of Duty 1 ISO RAR Game Free Download For Windows XP

Description Of Call Of Duty 1 Game

We have exceed the limit of the screenshots. We have provided around 5-6 screenshots per article because we know that it will help you to get understand much better. They also provide the direction checker too. You can use it to get the exact direction of your mission. It will tell you the direction of the South and north. I know this instrument name, but have forgot now, but I’m trying to remember it again and if I will remember its name, then I will mention it that time.

The army is involved on this product and there is the total converge of the army guys. It’s based on them too. They took the target to kill the enemies and they have started their mission. We will participate as a army guy in this installment so, you have to take some practice because you go there. They will have a lot of guns and many other weapons. It’s the old release from the company so, it’s including a bit old generation guns, but they have managed it perfectly according to the provided situation. Many of the users are found of the first part of the series because the journey starts from the first time.

This is the product that has made call of duty as the most popular PC gaming series even it’s available for the different operating systems too. You can get it for the different devices too, but I will mention it at the end of the article because we have to describe the game in this section and will provide the complete information in the next section.  The guns are zoomed  a lot and you can’t see your person all the time, but once, you change the angle of the camera, then you can easily see him and including the army force too.

System Requirements OF COD 1 Game

We gonna provide the estimated requirements on this section and there are few chances that it may differ the requirements that is officially announced for this game, but it will almost meet the requirements in, which you can easily run it on your computer so, I will provide the requirements and your computer shall meet it to run it properly. The game load is not too heavy, but not easy too because it takes enough space to get install so, you need to have a new generation system to run it.

  • Core 2 duo
  • Ram = 2 GB
  • Graphics Card = 64 MB
  • Hard Disk Space = 1 GB
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1+ Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)

These five points are required in a system to run it properly and if you have the computer that is meeting this specification, then you should run it on your computer that time and also required to install Directx product too to get the better graphics of the game.

Feature Of Call Of Duty 1 Game

Call Of Duty 1st Person Shooting Game

As we know that it’s the shooting game, but you should know that there are sub categories of the shooting games too. The category is including of first-person shooting + third- person shooting games so, you have to know these basic things too. I will keep you update about this thing and will mention it according to the genre of the game. There are many third-person shooting games too, but I don’t want to mention them now because they are in numbers.

Call OF Duty 1 Weapons Series

The weapons are including of different things like pistol bumps and tanker too, but I think that there is no tanker in the whole game, but I have not completed it so, I’m not pretty sure about it. There are the new generation guns, but it was launched many years ago so, it’s including of the old guns too and I will give you the complete series and the new installment will be including of new guns that have recently come to the market.

Call Of Duty 1 Popularity Sources 

The game was launched by the great companies and that’s also the plus point for them. I know that they have worked extremely well, but there is also a main role of the releasing + developing company. The game was developed by Activision and released by Nokia even Activision also played an important role in releasing of it so, the majority credits goes to the Activision.

Call Of Duty 1 Role In COD Series

It was the first release from the company so, the complete expectations were on it and the developer of the game is developed it in such a way that it attracts the users a lot and it became another popular series and the first game was launched in 2003 so, 2003 was a good year for the different companies and good for the PC gaming industry too.

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