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Call Of duty 2 Game Fee Download Full VersionCOD call of duty 2 is a free PC game that is released in the genre of first-person shooting game. This is the second part of the series while we have also provided the first one on this website too and you can get it free of cost. We will provide you the link to download call of duty 1 game for PC. The link has been inserted in this article and you can get it too. We have more interesting in this article and also containing the awesome scenes in the game too. It also works on Xbox 360 operating system and I have bought the Xbox 360 for this game. It worked for me even I tried it on my computer too, I succeed to run it on my PC and that’s the big thing for me. We will also provide all the remaining installments of the series, but you have show patience until I make the article of those games too.

The basic information has been added for this game and we will add the more information in the upcoming sections so, you have to be normal here. I will try to provide more screenshots as compared to previous article because those screenshots will help them to understand the logic of the game more better and I just work to give my users the best thing that want and they actually deserve. There is the link to download Call of duty 1  game.

Call Of Duty 2 PC Game Screenshots

COD 2 Game Free Download For PC

Call Of Duty 2 Setup Game Free Download Highly Compressed

Call Of Duty 2 RAR ISO Game Free Download For Windows XP

Call OF Duty 2 Game Free Download For Windows 7 32 bit

Call Of Duty 2 Game Download For Windows 10 64 bit

Description Of Call Of Duty 2 Game

We have told the basic info in the above, but let’s move to make a long brief about the game. The game is containing the same story and the same mission that was placed in the first installment of the series. This one was better than previous installment. If the company make the update to their product, then it means that they will have something new.

Suppose, when the Facebook developer makes the update, then it’s available on our smartphones and offers to update it and we do it right the moment because we know that they will make some positive changes in it and will have a better experience in this time. If you make a look to the current App of Facebook, then look back to the 1 year old Facebook app, then you will never imagine that the current app is really released by the same company so, it’s a bit tough to believe, but we are promoting to new generation and the world is getting more advanced. I have no idea that how will the upcoming years, but the Science has made the impressive progress and that’s the everybody praise science today.

We know that the current version will not meet our expectations, but we have to learn the skills instead of reaching at the top level. If you have the skills and reaches at the top level, then you deserve that success in your life so, you just have to work good and hard and the success will kiss you soon because everybody believes that hard work always pays off so, we have to keep these golden words in our mind to get success.

The game is containing the guns and the bombs. The army officers has been taken the mission to make their nation safe and we are going to be the part of that force team and we have to take the charge of the officers so, you have a big job there and the complete depends on you even you will be the part of the world war. People call this series as a World war because it’s containing the fighting and firing of another level.

System Requirements Of COD 2 Game

As we have already told that we always write the estimated specification of the product so, it’s not compulsory that it will meet the officially given specification. We just try to run it on our computer and if the game works properly on my PC, then I just write my PC specification because if I’m having no issue with the game playing on this specification, then you will also never have any issue on this system so, you have to meet the written below requirements.

  • Core 2 Duo
  • Ram  = 2 GB
  • Graphics Card = 128 MB (NVIDIA Suggested)
  • Hard Disk Space = 4 GB
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7+ Windows 8.1 + Windows 10
  • 86x and 64x are supported (32-bit +  64-bit)
  • Directx 10

These things are damn required to run it properly on your  computer and once, you have the computer that is having this specification, then you can easily run it on your computer so, just avail it right now.

Call Of Duty 2 PC Game Feature

Call Of Duty 2 Shooting Skills +Action

The game is completely containing the scene and drams of fighting and killing each other and that’s why it’s also consider as an action game too and it’s actually the first-person shooting game and the website is containing total 2 shooting games. We will mention about the guns name in the next Section.

Call Of Duty 2 Weapons Collection

Weapons is containing many things and have you ever notice that what’s the actual meaning of weapon, All the instruments which can use to harm the human lives are known as weapons. The game is including guns, bombs and you will get a complete variety of guns too, you can load a lot of bullets at the same time, then you don’t need to load it again and again.

Call Of Duty 2 Role In COD Series

This game also played an interesting role to get promote the series because when the first installment made it popular enough, then the second installments increases the charm of the series and many of new users tried it and in this way, it became more popular, but the whole credits goes to the releasing company and we have known that Activision is the release and developed by it too.

What’s new In COD 2 As Compared To COD 1?

The second version is based on the new generation so, it’s including all the new things that were missed in the previous installment. They firstly improved the graphics of the game and have the better experience because of the graphics. There are many other things that are preferred in this installment. It’s including enough improvements that we have not seen in the first one. The first one was impressive no doubt, but if we compare, then the second is better than first.

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Updated: December 10, 2017 — 3:36 pm

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