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Call Of Duty 3 Game Free Download Full VersionCOD Call of duty 3 is a free game that is released for the computer system. There is the complete series and we have provided two parts of the series. This game is released by the Activision. You don’t need to pay money for the game. The series is containing awesome games. The cover is impressing the users a lot. We have seen that a lot of users impress the cover and trailer movie too so, you must set the awesome cover + trailer movie, if you releases any game in PC gaming series.

We have the hub of the PC games. We always try to provide the 100% working game and we have another aim to provide the most demanded games that you have seen ever in your life. We have recently made the post of Call of duty 2 game which has been provided free of cost. We have provided enough information of this product and will provide even more, but you have to wait until I does complete the complete information of the current product, then I will try to provide the information of the new product and it’s containing around 9-10 products so, the part has just began. We will provide other 5-6 products that are still to get publish on this website.

Screenshots Of Call of Duty 3 Game

Call Of Duty 3 Setup Game Free Download For PC

Call Of Duty 3 Game Free Download For Windows 7 32 bit

Call Of Duty 3 Game Free Download For Windows 10 64 bit

Call Of Duty 3 Game Free Download For Windows 8.1 32bit

Call Of Duty 3 EXE ISO Game free Download Highly Compressed

Description Of Call Of Duty 3 Game

You can see that it is totally about the fighting and action. We have to kill many of the people in the place. We have to pass the stages too, but they all are the most difficult places. The army has to take the charge of the place, but you have to lead the group so, you have to manage the team and we can say that you will be captain of the team. The game is released by IGN. This company has worked a lot to make it popular, but the main credits goes to Activision. We have mentioned the previous installments of the series.

You have to open the last provided on this website, then you will be redirected to the another product so, this the series and you will get the complete variety of COD series. People are found of this series because everyone wants the action. We actually want to fire the bullets in real life, but we can’t do this because it’s not common. We have to get the license of the gun, then we can make the only authority fires that are needed, when someone tries to rope the house or shop, then you can only fire that gun, but the Govt agents will make some investigation from you that whatever you have fired it correctly or you just have the aim to kill him for personal reason, but you to console them that it was a robbing case and that’s why you have fired the bullet.

If you fire a person who tried to robe your shop or house and if you don’t have the proof that he was trying to do some illegal thing, then you will be sent to jail  because you don’t have any proof about it or you have not captured the movie of the spot, then you will be punched hard and will face many problems to fix out the issue so, you just need to get the permission of the different companies, then you can get the license otherwise, you can’t get it. On the other hand, you just need to have a good processing computer and just have to install it properly, then you can make the firing easily oven there is adventure too so, there will be a kick for you too.

System Requirements Of COD 3 Game

The requirements section is containing the estimated requirements for this game and there is no enough space is required for that because we are the part of the advanced generation everyone has the working + full advanced systems so, it is easy for those systems to run the game easily on your computer. You should meet the estimated requirements and it may differ the actual requirements, but there will be no enough gap between them so, just enjoy it.

  • Intel Core 2 duo
  • Ram = 4 GB
  • Graphics Card  = 256 MB
  • Hard Disk Space = 8 GB
  • Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1+ Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Sound

The requirements has been placed here so, you must meet the provided requirements to run it on your computer otherwise, you will have some issue while playing it or they can also say that your specification are not enough so, just skip the setup.

Call Of Duty 3 Game Feature

Call Of Duty 3 Game Short Description

Call Of duty 3 is the 3rd part of the series. It was released on Nov 2006 and containing the different releasing date for different operating systems, but we have inserted the releasing date for windows. The starting products was released and published by Activision, but when I checked the status of the current installment, then I knew that the current one was released by some other companies and I gonna mention them here. The game was released by Treyarch, but published by Activision.

Call Of Duty 3 Game Weapons Selection

The company has inserted the best weapons according to the releasing year of the game and I know that many of them are too old to use, but nothing gets old and you will have the same joy because people say that old is gold so, we have to keep this notice in before playing it so, the weapons selection is just awesome. I like the guns that have been provided in this way.

Call Of Duty 3 Game Map 

When you will google it, then you will get the map of COD 3 game, but I gonna provide it in written way so, the map is too large even you have to make the travel of different places to pass a single mission. You have to stop your enemies to get attack your country and nation. You will get the award of a honest officer.

What’s new in COD 3 As Compared To COD 2 ?

This is the main question what is actually new in cod 3 that was not the part of COD 2 and the starting is done from the graphics of the game because when you installed it, then try to open it, then it firstly shows the graphics of the game. You will get many new things inside it so, just enjoy the beauty of the game, then you will be known that what are better things in the current version.

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