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Picasa Photo Editor Free DownloadPicasa is a free photo editor that is confirmed from the Google and that is also available on the Google Play Store because it’s officially launched by the Google. This is the best product of photo editing that I have ever seen in my life because that was made  by the google and if you make save any photo in the account of Google, then the downloaded photo also got saved in Picasa, if you have internet connection and when you make try to upload any file using the Google account, then it also saves the file because this is released from the Google so, it always stores the data that is related to the Google. We have provided here Recuva recovery software too and you can also get it from this website and you have to keep some space free for downloading this software and I will not take enough space because it’s a small size software, but works more better than it.

Screenshots Of Picasa Pro

Picasa Photo Editor Free Download For Windows 7

Picasa Free Download For Windows 7 32-bit

Picasa Free Download For Windows 8 Setup

Picasa 3 Free Download latest version cracked

Description Of Picasa Software

I have told its basic use in the early of the article and I gonna told more about it and this is just awesome and you can see the above shots. The internet is also connected and I have also provided the shot of the menu on the mobile to give you a look of it and you will like this software because this is product of Google and they also have their official site where all the uploading pictures data save. Once, I lost some pictures, then someone told me to get all the pictures from the Picasa site, then I made visited that site and got all the lost images so, this is used for many purposes.

It gives the best way to edit the image means that it’s including enough feature that are used to make the photo result and designing even better. You can see the samples too and those all images are edited by this picasa. You can adjust the size of the photo and add new design in it too and it depends on you because they give you feature and it’s up  to you that how can you use those feature that are inserted in this software and you will also like this product. This is used for many purposes means that you can edit your photo there and you can also used to make design on the different types of papers too means that you want to give an advertisement of any platform, then you can use it freely and this will give even better functions than all others.

Every a single function include many other functions and that’s why it’s called the best editor that I have ever seen in my eyes and some people also suggest others too, but I have checked the official site where the rating of all the editors are placed and it was on the top by the position of rating because most of  people have internet and if you have internet, then you must know about Google so, if you know about Google, then you must be known about its different products that are used to perform different tasks. I have seen enough shots as they all are of Picasa 3 and I think that it would be the best version in the whole series that’s why most of the people use it to edit or customize the photo. This is the last end of the article because I have to start another article now and new article will contain new content and I have to write it so, we are getting close this article.

System Requirements Of Picasa

Minimum Requirements

  • Pentium 3
  • Ram = 1 GB
  • Hard Disk Space = 1 GB
  • Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 2000

Recommended Requirements

  • Pentium 4
  • Ram = 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space 1.5 GB
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 +Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits)

Most Faced Problems During Installation?

1 Low Disk Space

It occurs, when you have low space in your computer and you have to keep some space free for it because it will take some space to get install so, you have to use Ccleaner in this regard because that one is the only software used to clean and remove all the temp files so, you have to install CCleaner in your computer to maintain your computer drive.

2 Unsupported Operating System

It occurs, when you have a file of 64-bit operating system and you make make try to install it on 32-bit, then the error occurs of unsupported operating system. You have to check the fire before installing in your computer otherwise, this error is expected. You have to download the file of your current operating system.

3 Windows File Missing

It occurs, when any required file is windows is missing from your current operating system, you have to download the required file from the official site of it and you have to paste in the direction where they have pointed in the readme notepad and the other solution is that you have to install Virtual C++ in this regard because it’s used to kill such errors.

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