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Download Windows 10 Setup File ISO Windows 10 is the latest product of Microsoft corporation and it’s officially statement from the publisher that this would be the last installment of the series. They will never launch any other part of the series, but they can still make any changes in the current version even this product is available in different builds and we are here to provide the latest and final build of it.

We have already provided some other products too from the series and those all are just awesome and there is no compression between the products of the official publisher because they provided the new update with enough uniqueness and that’t it got famous from the beginning of the journey. This was the normal information that you can get on different sites, but I gonna give you more information here so, be ready to face them.

There are more than 10 to 15 products of the series and this gonna be the part of it and it considered the latest and final update from Microsoft corporation even you can buy it from the official site, but there is no chance in that version because we are providing the professional version so, no else things remains here, when you get a file with the certified update from the Microsoft Corporation. The publisher has made enough changes in it because when I bought my first computer so that time, Windows XP was the most trending product from them so, I installed it very hardly because there was no special specifications from our PCs. This was the first PC at my end, then after, we got promoted soon and bought a new system to play the video games, but now I am running my own PC games sites so, this is a dreamland for me nothing else.

This article is not enough to tell the feature of this installment, but I will try my best to describe the feature of it too, but this will take enough time because it’s not easy to describe the thing that you have not used more than 1 years because it’s recently released from the officials so, this is a new thing for us, but they had provided the preview version in the beginning of the journey that I also provided on my website, but that one is totally useless now because the official release is come from the publisher so, what should we do with the preview version that just used to describe the feature of it because we can experience it after installing it on our computers.

But the installation is a bit difficult that I can’t describe in the article, but I will try to do it because it would be a good thing for you at all because a video guide is more good than an article so, I will always prefer video tutorial instead of article, but this is also important because I can’t tell complete about this product so, I have to make a move now so, I decided to write an article on the following product so, I went for it.

Screenshots OF Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

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Description Of MS windows 10 Enterprise

This was made with for different functions means that there is separate update for different tasks means that you want to play the games, then you have to go for 64-bit operating system or you want to work a high processing, then you have to go for it and you can also do Microsoft Office work on the current operating system, but you can also run these two things on 32-bit operating system

But that hardware does not provide the expected quality and if your computer don’t have enough specifications, then you have to 32-bit because it provides the best performing speed, but you don’t need to put enough load on it otherwise, it will also not give you expected result, but this is for the low processing system because if you have high processing system, then you have to go for 64-bit because it provides more facility than all others so, I will also suggest the same update.

It design is just awesome of all the icons from everywhere and I’m using it for 2 years, but I have never tested its all versions so, I’m still looking to test its all the design because they are just awesome and have awesome design that are not available in all the previous installments so, let’s see that you got impressed from them or not because everyone has its own choice so, it depends on you that which type of design you like, but I’m sure that these will never disappoint you because they are good enough and I can bet for that too.

They also provides the search bar where you can locate different files or folders of your computer and it also provides the facility to find the required file on internet too means that you make a search, and if the searched thing is not available in your computer, then it will not stop its working and will start to find that thing over the internet so, this is the main thing that I like in this installment.

It provides the best performance with the battery too means that you have a notebook and have installed windows 10 on it, then it will provide the best performance with the battery timing because this is also main thing and many users takes it too serious because they have to do the work on large scale so, they have to work as more so, they want the best battery timing performance too that I also want because I’m running with low battery right now because I have to get connect the charger now, but I’m in momentum now and don’t want to troll this article so, I’m willing to stop writing because that’s also my hobby too.

It provides enough advantage because I’m still earning from different sites so, hard work always pays off. The battery performance is batter than all the previous installments, but when you launch enough programs same moment, then it does not give the expected result because it also depends on your current programs list so, you have to take care of it too.

All the installed program set in different directions means that you can know all the installed programs on your computer, but you have to open the program that shows this information. You can add or remove any program from this option and it also appears on the My computer now and when you launch the My computer, then it also provides the facility to launch the add or remove program option at the header of it and you can avail this thing easily.

It’s containing 3 to 4 tabs on the header side an those tabs are used to perform different tasks means that you are in a folder and there are many files or somethings like the videos or photo and you don’t want to open them and you want to get them know by just change the preview of them, then you have to open the tab of “View”, then there are 4 to 5 options to increase or decrease the size of the videos or picture and if you select the large option, then all the stored images will show in large size so, those will show more clearly than all others.

Others tabs are also placed there and when you open the home tab, then it shows the basic things means that it provides the facility to rename or delete the selected file and it clearly shows that you don’t need any keyboard on the current date because you can do all the things by the shortcut and there is not special requirements of it too so, you can easily avail this opportunity. This feature also provides the option to remove or make a new folder too and even you can also name the folder too and it also depends on you that which name you got select for the contained folder.

Let’s move to the “manage” tab and it is used for the images of your computer means that you have different images in your computer, then it is used to rotate the images in different directions and it provides the facility to rotate the image in all the directions and you can also do it by using special command, but this option is made it more easier because you can rotate the image by clicking a button from your mouse and if you like any image and want to make it desktop picture, then you have to click on the option of “set as desktop wallpaper” after selecting the image.

It also provides the option of Quick access means that you open any documents on daily routine so, it stores all those files and folders in Quick access area and you can locate your most used file or most opened folder there and this is the best feature that I saw here because I had not seen this feature in all the previous feature so, this one was really awesome for me and that was a new thing for me.

Additional Information About Windows 10 Pro

It also provides the feature to pin any program because when you install a new program, then it just installs in your computer or maximum it shows on your desktop nothing else, but you can pin it and when you will do it, then you will also get a shortcut of that program on the start bar too and it will appear with those programs that are important for you or installed from the Microsoft corporation or the company has already set inside the product so, this function is also available here.

It shows all the drives and devices in the same way on the My computer, but it shows the different folders on My computer by different direction means that there are some folders of Documents or Downloads, then those all the folders shows at the upper side of the menu and all the devices and drives shows on the center side of the menu. You can rearrange them too because they also provide to arrange them in different ways means that you can also manage it by the alphabets too. All the drives and folders will show according to the alphabet.

When you point the mouse at the corner of the right side, then different functions appear there and you can use it too and there is different way to turn off the computer because it’s not easy to turn off the Windows there and I have heard this program from different ends so, you have to point the mouse at the right corner of the side, then different functions will appear there and there will be turn off the computer option too.

It provides some additional feature too means that you want to get information about the weather of your current location, then it trace your current location and keep you update about the current weather and it also provides or shows the news of your area and you just need to select the location whose you want to know about different things like, weather or news.

It is made with the full of the commands means that you can also do all those things where mouse is needed and you have to remember the commands for all those feature, but If you don’t remember those commands, then you can’t get advantage from this option so, this is the main thing to remind all the commands that are needed and copy + paste command is available in all operating systems, but it also provides the facility to open different functions easily.

These changes made the user more easy to use it. These are the best feature that I have described in this article, there are many else programs that are also used to speed up the performance of the computer especially the Windows 10 that is officially released from the Microsoft Corporation and if you liked this article, then you have to make share it with your friends and families.

When you are using a notebook, then it also provides to capture the videos from your camera too and this is the best feature because somewhere you need to capture something  and you don’t have camera that time and there is emergency so, this is the best thing to use that time. It installs the Camera program already in your windows so, you just need to open it and select the location which you want to record form this camera. It also provides the feature to capture the image too and it stores all the recorded videos or captured images in a folder in a specified folder. You can locate that folder easily by opening it from the camera application.

It provides the scientific calculator that is used to perform all the calculating task easily means that you can take square of any value and normal calculators also provides this facility and it shows all the data that is being proceed so, it saves the complete information that what you have write or what you have calculated recently and what result you got after calculating it. You can clear the data by pressing the “C” command and it permanently erase the proceed data from the calculator and Ctrl+Z command does not work here. 😛

It also provides the options of notification and all the issues arrived there. You can know the different issues that are disturbing your computer performance and those issues will not disappear until you does not fix it so, I have checked it now and I’m running with more than 3 to 5 notifications, but I never took them serious, but if you are a tension machine, then you have to fix those issues because after fixing it, there are possible chances to speed up the system.

You can also connect the VPN directly by opening the notification area and you have to put the server details first, then you would be able to use it otherwise, this feature is useless for you at all and this feature is totally dead from my end because different extensions on the browser the facility to change or use the VPN server easily and you just need to install it and there is nothing else more needed after it.

You can also set the alarm on your system too means that you want to make a deal somewhere or want to do any  work, then you have to use this feature and it works according to the set time of your computer so, you have to set the computer time first, then you have to use this feature otherwise, this will not useful for you at all and I have never used this feature because I have set the alarm on my mobiles and it vibrates enough, when the set time arrives so, you can also customize or set the time of alarm according to your need.

Feature Of Microsoft Windows 10

1 Windows Apps Store

Windows 10 Free Download With Activation Key

You can see the store from the Official Microsoft where you can download the different applications easily and these are not android applications at all and they are similar like the android store, but it’s actually the windows store. You can download and install different application there or some application or also paid there and you have to pay for them too.

2 Meet Hello Windows

This is the best feature that I saw there because it arrives, when you set the powerful security means that when you set a password of your fingerprint, then Hello windows feature arrives so, this is used for the security of the computer and I have also used this option and it really worked awesome and I really got shocked after using it because I set my own fingerprint first time.

3 Microsoft Edge Of windows 10 

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So, finally time arrives to say welcome to the latest browser from the official Microsoft organization because they finally made a great change in their system because their internet explorer was the worst one because it gets down any time so, this was the worst thing that I saw in previous installments of the series, but finally they introduced a new thing in the market even I have used it too and it works amazingly and somewhere it is better than all the others and it the trading software on the top freeware software sites too.

4 Task Switch

Windows 10 Free Download 100% Working Serial Key Or Registration Key With Patch This was the feature that I was trying to find for long time means that I can use this option, but I was confused about the name of this option so finally, I knew that it’s task switch option and I rally like this feature. You can use multiple desktop there as you can see on the screen too because you make a look at the footer of the screen, then you will come to know that it’s including the best feature and when you point on any desktop, then all the opened programs appear there.

5 Dark Mode

It appears, when you open all the functions of Control panel and all those options appears in dark color and that’s the normal update from the official publisher. I can’t provide any shot right now because I have already provided enough shots in this article so, I want to become this article user-friendly now so, I have to work even harder now and let’s move to the feature of Dark mode. It is just a screen to show all the options of control panel and containing the dark background.

6 Music Controls During Sleep Mode

when you did the sleep mode, then you can play any mp3 music file or something like that and it provides the feature to play whatever the screen is locked or in sleep mode and when the song completes, then they automatically detects the new song and play it even you can also manage it too because they also provide the option to play the previous or next music too.

7 Action Center

There is the collection of the different issues and you should fix all those issues by hook or by crook. The notification will remain there until you does not fix it. My compute is running with 4 issues right now and they shows the notification to make us alert that you have to take any positive action against those issues otherwise, those issues will make effect on your computer speed.

8 Command Prompt

This is an old way to manage different functions, but somewhere, we still need them so, they have also added command system in our windows operating system too and you can come to know the physical address by using the command prompt, but you have to put a command first that is “Ipconfig/all”. This command is used to find the physical address of the computer.

9 Multiple Desktop

It provides the feature to manage all the tabs on the screen at the once and you have to press Alt+Tab, then you will see all the currently opened tabs, then you can manage them easily and that’s the best way to manage them. You can open the needed tab easily or even can close any tab.

10 Schedule Restarts

It’s the common feature because you can schedule your system easily. You have to set the time, when you want to restart it because you can also forget to restart your computer so, you just need to turn it on and select the time, when you want to do it, then it will Automatically restart your computer.

11 Windows Updates

It is the best way to add the new version your currently using programs and when the official publisher releases a new update for any program, then it appears there and it normally arrives, when you restart your computer or turn on your computer. It takes sometime and get restarts while having the update so, you need to show the patience that duration, then you have to move again.

12 DirectX 12

Windows 10 is officially released with the DirectX 12 update and that’s the latest update form the DirectX series. It is used to run all the videos of high print quality and that’t the best feature I have seen there and you can also see that the graphics of gaming in current version is just awesome or if you still have not tested it, then you have to make a try right-now. We have also provided Windows 8 free Download.

How To Register Windows 10

Registry With Crack Of Windows 10 

This is the flop way to get register the windows 10 by this method so, somewhere it does not work or does not properly work at all so, you don’t need try to find the crack of windows 10 at all.

Registry With Patch Of Windows 10

This is possible because many companies  provides the facility to use the patch file so, you have to select the operating system and when you are using windows 10 pro, then you have to select the pro version or enterprise version and it depends on your current operating system.

Registry With Serial Key or Activation Key

It’s possible because there are many serial keys for different operating systems so, you have to paste the serial key according to the operating system that you currently have in your computer otherwise, all the others will not work on your current version so, you have to check it before pasting in your computer system.

Registry With KPSpico

This is the most used way to register the windows 10 or others parts of Microsoft windows. You can register all the products of Microsoft corporation even I have provided it on my website and you can get it by clicking on this link. We have provided the latest version and that is also known as Windows 10 activator too. If you are currently using enterprise version, then you have to select windows 10 enterprise otherwise, the registry will remain unsuccessful.

System Requirements Of Windows 10

Minimum Requirements

  • Pentium 4
  • Ram = 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space = 8 GB
  • Graphics Card = 128 MB

Recommended Requirements

  • Core 2 Duo
  • Ram = 4 GB
  • Hard Disk Space = 16 GB
  • Graphics Card = 256 MB

Most Faced Problems During Installation?

1 Low Disk Space

It arrives, when you are running with low disk space, then this error expected so, you have to make some space free or you have to install CCleaner in this regard because this is used to remove all the temp files from the computer so, this is the best thing to do in this moment otherwise, the installation will not proceed anymore.

2 Unsupported Operating System

It occurs, when you make try to install a file of different operating system means that you have a file of 64-bit operating system, then you make try to install it on 32-bit, then this error is expected and will arrive at any cost so, you have to check it before installing in your computer or you have to download it according to the operating system that you currently have in your computer.

3 Windows file Missing

It occurs, when any required file of Microsoft file is missing from it and it normally occurs, when you did not install the windows properly so, you have to add the required file or you have to install the virtual C++ in this regard, then you will never face this error again in your computer so, this was the solution of this program otherwise, your installing file will not proceed anymore at all.

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